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The punniest t-shirts from Monthly Tee Club

Nowadays, it kinda feels like everyone shops at the same place and wears the same thing. So the folks over at Monthly Tee Club thought it was about time someone mixed things up.

They decided to let their creativity run wild by coming up with unique and awesome personalised tees! Every month you get gifted with a hand-picked tee, chosen for you based on your interests – it’s like Christmas every month! Check out some of our favourite puns so far, and be warned, you’ll likely get a mild to severe touch of fashion envy!

Every princess needs this top to strut around the gym in. Even if it’s not leg day, no one has to know!

Is it just me or do you hear Freddie Mercury singing when you read this top?

Well if the film starred a rave-happy shark just trying to get everyone pumped, then maybe things would have turned out a lot differently.

Who says science and humour can’t be the perfect mix?

Okay maybe I laughed a little too much at this one but c’mon, it is pretty great! The more you look, the funnier it gets! Did you catch what happened to Nivario’s poor broken mushroom?

For you cheesy romantics out there – aye, another pun for you!

I’ll never see the Starbucks logo the same way now and I’m perfectly fine with that because Java the Hut is far superior, sorry not sorry. You can show him off when you go get your caffeine fix.

If you’re anything like me and rely on a daily fix of caffeine then you’ll definitely need far more than just one coffee related t-shirt to get you through the week!

This one is for all you grumpy bears out there who long for hibernation season and detest the mornings, you’re not alone! Wear this t-shirt with pride, and it might also serve as a reminder to others to not bother you until past 12pm.

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