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The best and worst parts of Coachella 2019 so far

Last weekend saw some of the world’s biggest artists and influencers flock to the annual Coachella Festival. From Morrissey to James Charles’ bum, it was truly a wild year.

Ariana Grande and *NSYNC

In one of her two headlining spots, Ariana brought the ’90s boy band out for a reunion stage, taking over Justin Timberlake’s parts in their singles, as he was sadly absent.

Ariana teased the performance last week, posting a video of her younger self enjoying an *NSYNC concert in the late 90’s.

“I’ve been rehearsing my whole f*cking life for this moment.”

Ariana Grande 2019

Nicki Minaj’s technical issues

Also featured in Ariana’s set was Nicki Minaj, whose fans were left disappointed and angry when a mic failure meant the rapper could barely be heard.

Nicki has been praised for carrying on, and there’s some controversy about the fact that the blunders only happened to Nicki and Diddy, another guest of Ariana’s set.

Gambino’s tributes

A poignant moment of the festival came from Childish Gambino. His closing of the first day featured him asking people to put away their phones to enjoy his performance, and then sharing his respects to late Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle and his father.

“What I’m starting to realise is all we really have is memories at the end of the day.”

Childish Gambino 2019

Earlier in the day, Gambino airdropped festival-goers of a pair of his shoes, which he collaborated with ADIDAS to create. To those few who accepted the picture, a location was given to pick up a pair of the shoes, despite their official release still being unknown.

James Charles’ bum

James Charles was simultaneously the best and worst part of Coachella 2019. The best, because of all the memes about his bum. The worst, just for the fact I’ve had to see his bum so many times.

Billie Ellish’s encounters

A lot of Billie Ellish fans have been revelling at the interactions she had this weekend. During one of Ariana’s sets, Billie was videoed hugging Justin Bieber. Later, a picture of her with Ariana was released, and fans have been rejoicing that the pair have ‘finally’ been pictured together.

The Smiths

Siblings Jaden and Willow Smith came together to perform a stage, performing aerial stunts as they went. The official Coachella account to posted a picture of the pair together, with the caption ‘The Smiths’. Fans of the ’80’s rock band expressed disappointment that it wasn’t the reunion they’d hoped for.

All of that aside, Jaden and Willow’s performance was pretty good.

What were your favourite (or least favourite) parts of this year’s Coachella?

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