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Beauty trends to look out for in 2020

From wild, brushed-up brows to glossy eyelids and pumped up alice bands, 2019 saw many different beauty trends across the worlds of hair, skincare and makeup. So what’s in this year, you ask? Here’s a quick look into the key beauty trends to look out for in 2020.

Floating eyeliner

News just in: negative space is going to be a big makeup trend this year. ’60s-style graphic, floating eyeliner in an array of colours was seen all over the runways for 2020. This could mean a line above the crease, as seen below, or a triangle shape in the corner to create an incomplete cateye. It’s a major look that requires minimum effort!

Beauty meets fitness

It’s not just beauty brands that have started to cater for users’ exercise regimes anymore, fitness brands are also releasing their own beauty lines. Lululemon released their Selfcare line earlier this year, which includes post-workout essentials such as deodorant, dry shampoo and moisturiser.

Smart beauty

Now that there’s a greater awareness of the cause of skincare problems, and a broader range of affordable skincare solutions available, beauty brands are going further than ever before and using technology to create personalised skincare products. One such example is Shiseido’s Optune, which uses a mobile app and AI to detect the skin condition of the user and dispense a personalised formula.

Optune is currently being trialled in Japan

Top of the crops

Short hairstyles are back in for 2020, with many celebrities deciding to go for the crop recently, including model Kaia Gerber (pictured below). Whether you opt for a short choppy bob, pixie cut or buzzcut, short hair will frame your face and make those cheekbones pop!

Brow lamination

If you’re struggling to get your eyebrows to look the way you want them to, but don’t want to get them microbladed, look into brow lamination. This semi-permanent eyebrow perm straightens the hairs of your natural brows so that they can be easily shaped to create fuller, thicker and sleeker brows. Best of all, results can last up to 8 weeks so you can put away that eyebrow pencil!

Vinyl lips

Matte lips are out! 2020 sees the return of glossy lips with a bit of a twist—shiny vinyl lipsticks are in, giving a pop of colour to your pout without the dryness.

Less is more

Whether it’s a move to eco-friendly packaging, fewer ingredients or more-stripped back makeup looks, the beauty world will continue to evolve in order to provide transparency, inclusivity and help the environment this year. This isn’t just a fad though, the beauty world— and society in general—has seen a shift from a materialistic and luxury lifestyle to an ethical one over the past couple of years, as consumers realise less is more. As a result, beauty brands are starting to cater towards this. And instead of beauty influencers producing haul videos, we are starting to see ‘anti-hauls’ ‘no-buys’ and ‘shop your stash’ videos.

One great example of a brand working towards increasing their sustainability is BYBI Beauty. As well as making their packaging ‘greener’, they say their products are ‘100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free’. Their Susty Summits seek to ‘demystify sustainable manufacturing’ and promote climate consciousness. And instead of Black Friday, BYBI promoted Green Friday—planting 10 trees in the Amazon with every bundle order that was purchased.

Will you be making the most of these beauty trends in 2020? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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