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The 7 Best Condoms for Pleasure and Protection

In the realm of sexual health, one thing that’s often overlooked is the importance of finding the right condom for you. Vicki from sexual wellness brand Bodyjoys explains all you need to know about this effective safe-sex solution.

Condoms, just like the penis they were made for, come in all shapes and sizes and your selection can impact your pleasure and safety during sex. The factor we naturally jump to when making a decision is the size. Reaching for the XL-size might be the natural choice for you – especially if someone else is watching – but a larger fit might not benefit you in the bedroom.

In fact, it’s not just the size that matters at all; sometimes the feel or material that a condom is made from can actually help you out, giving you the opportunity to put on a better performance when it matters most.

Extra Thin Condoms

Extra thin condoms are the ultimate in extreme pleasure and confidence. They are required to pass the same checks as regular and thick condoms in terms of safety, so they reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs but are also closest to a natural feel. 

An extra thin condom gives you the pleasure you’re seeking but doesn’t compromise on essential safe-sex elements. 

Ribbed Condoms

Ribbed and dotted condoms are an amazing pleasure enhancer with no extra effort from you. To drive your partner wild, the extra nodules and ribs on the condoms can act as light caresses that intensify pleasure and rub against the most important nerve endings as you thrust. 

If you get the angle just right, you’ll be able to drive your partner wild, just by using your usual moves.

Flavoured Condoms

Flavoured condoms add an extra excitement to the bedroom. Condoms come in every flavour imaginable, so you’re guaranteed to find one that your partner can’t get enough of.

Encouraging your partner to get a taste for oral sex is always going to benefit you with increased frequency – they might even start to suggest it without you prompting! And it’s a way for you both to protect against pregnancy and STIs too.

Latex-Free Condoms

Latex-free condoms are the obvious choice for those with allergies. They give you the opportunity to have safe sex without the fear of allergic complications. 

But they’re not just designed with allergies in mind. Non-latex condoms are also a good choice for anyone who desires a skin-on-skin feel. You’ll forget you’re wearing one, making penetrative sex more natural and sensual.

Extra Safe Condoms

Let’s get back to basics. Condoms were originally intended to protect your health and that of your partner. Staying safe from STIs and preventing unwanted pregnancy is probably still your primary goal, so sometimes thicker is better.

A thicker condom can also help to delay gratification, meaning you last longer and get a more powerful orgasm at the end.

Delay Condoms

Selecting the right condom can also play a huge part in your performance. Sometimes early ejaculation just feels unavoidable. There are a couple of ways around this – firstly, focus on foreplay.

If you make sure they’ve reached orgasm first, then there’s no time expectation to live up to. But if you prefer the less labour-intensive approach, you can try a delay condom or even a delay spray.

Delay condoms contain a mild anaesthetic to decrease your sensation, meaning you can last longer. The best part is that your partner won’t even be able to tell the difference between these and a standard condom, so your stamina will shine through without revealing your secret. 

Does Size Really Matter?

With condoms, it’s all about girth, not length – so you can relax without judgement! While you might feel a little cringey selecting small condoms, if they’re the right fit for you, your partner will thank you for it.

Using a condom that’s too big for your erection is likely to cause embarrassment later if it happens to come off midway through the act. This could also make it much less safe.

Condoms that fit snugly but aren’t too tight are the ideal solution because you’ll get the most natural feeling this way. And, if you feel you need the XL size, then have the confidence to be proud and reach for them. Good for you!

Finding the perfect condom for both pleasure and protection is a crucial aspect of sexual health. To explore these options and enhance your intimate experiences, check out Bodyjoys, where you can find a variety of high-quality condoms. As a special treat, we’ve partnered with Bodyjoys to offer an exclusive discount on their products. Discover the perfect condoms that cater to your desires while ensuring safe and satisfying encounters.

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