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Our favourite baking fails from Netflix’s Nailed It

Nailed It has provided us with some truly hilarious moments, especially thanks to Nicole Byer’s ability to make a joke out of every moment.

Who would have thought that laughing at other people’s cooking failures could be so great, it’s ingenious really! Check out some of our favourite fails of the seasons so far.

Spoilers: the contestants most definitely did not, nail it!

Never BBQ when drunk

Without the adjoining photo on the left, I’m not even sure if anyone could actually guess that the fail here was supposed to be a delicious BBQ cake. This pile of mush is a long way off giving us those warm, happy summertime vibes – but A for effort and colour!

Happy never after

I doubt that Rapunzel would ever have made it out of the tower in this version of the fairytale. In fact, it almost looks like she’s merged to become one with the tower. I imagine this isn’t the happy ever after she was looking for but hey, who knows, hermit Rapunzel could be super happy and might even taste real good!

Ghost pirate

Okay, so this attempt of a pirate cake-pop definitely looks very deformed and slightly demented here. On the bright side, this would make an excellent Halloween treat so maybe it’s all about context! The more I look at those huge, empty, black eyes the more disturbed I feel.

Good try…

What type of sport is this? rugby, football, American football or tennis? Your guess is as good as mine! Yes, this fail doesn’t deliver on the aesthetic appeal, but the way I see it, it’s still all the right ingredients and it all looks the same in your belly, right?

When it’s 3am and you look a state but are far too drunk to care

It only gets better the more you look at it!

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