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The most random cakes that you definitely want for your celebration

Let’s be real, any occasion is really just the greatest excuse ever to eat lots of cake! But nowadays, we’re all way past being satisfied with a Victoria sponge.

Instead, it’s all about finding a cake design that is as weird and random as possible. Here’s some inspiration of what odd cake you should pick for next celebration!

Poop-emoji cake

What about an emoji cake for your inner Gen-Z? Yeah maybe Poop-tastic and cake shouldn’t really be used in the same sentence but then again, a smiling poop emoji is sure to make your friends laugh and why not think outside of the box!  

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Drake cake

Set the right party tone with this Drake cake. An extra birthday treat for the big fan is they can eat his face – aww how sweet… kinda?

Pugcorn cake

Image credit: Bakerdays

A pug-unicorn, what’s not to love? This cake is so adorable, I mean you can almost taste the happiness just by looking at it!

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Construction cake

This cake doesn’t have to be just for kids, as a fully grown adult, I highly approve! This looks delicious, I mean who doesn’t want to dig right into this chocolate mess of yumminess?

Sloth cake

For those whose spirit animal is perfectly embodied by the laziness of the sloth. This cake looks almost too good to eat, I feel like I can even see into the soul of this cutie with those big eyes! Bravo to the creator of this super detailed and incredibly random cake and good luck to any of you who try to recreate it!

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