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What can CBD oil do for your health?

CBD is claimed by many to be a super helpful resource for ailments and illnesses but how true is this? and what type of issues can CBD oil help with?

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CBD oil is made from the extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant and combined with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. First thing’s first, CBD does not intoxicate you or make you ‘feel high’, it is one of the many chemical compounds found in a cannabis or marijuana plant but, is not to be confused with THC which is the type that is an illegal drug in the UK.

Now we’ve cleared that up. Let’s dive into what CBD oil is all about and why so many scientific studies claim it possesses health benefits.

1) It can be a pain reliever

Studies have found that CBD can react with receptors in your brain and immune system to provide pain relief. This could be extremely helpful to those who suffer from chronic pain because it reduces inflammation. A study in 2015 found that when mice were given CBD for arthritis they had significantly less inflammation and pain signals without any side effects, which is very promising.

2) It can help with anxiety and depression

Several clinical trials have found that CBD oil can be a useful tool in helping people who suffer from anxiety, depression and stress. Many pharmaceutical drugs that are used to treat these disorders come with an array of side effects including agitation, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, drowsiness and headaches. In comparison, CBD offers a far more natural alternative and more and more people are opting for CBD.

3) It can improve your sleep

If you struggle with insomnia or experienced one too many sleepless nights then CBD could be exactly what you are in need of. Currently, there have only been preliminary studies conducted into whether CBD can help with sleep but so far, so good. Apparently, the oil promotes refreshing REM sleep to help keep your routine in check.

4) It can help clear up your skin

This magic-fix-all solution also helps combat acne, anti-ageing and other skin conditions. CBD functions as an anti-inflammatory so it helps calm irritated skin that is acne-prone. It also has antioxidant properties which as we all know, is the anti-ageing secret! Overall the oil offers skin-soothing properties that all skin types could benefit from because it helps protect your skin from the general wear and tear of life.

5) It can help with addiction

You might think it’s pretty hypocritical that an oil associated with a drug can be useful in combating addiction, but CBD oil itself does not have addictive properties. In a recent trial study, they found that Heroin addicts using CBD oil experienced a reduction in their cravings for Heroin and less anxiety.

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