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The most wholesome and heart-warming moments from Queer Eye so far

It’s near impossible to choose the most wholesome moments from Queer Eye when literally every moment of Queer Eye leaves us emotionally wrecked and with more faith in humanity than ever before, but I’m going to give it a good go.

You Can’t Fix Ugly – S01, E01

The whole show kicked off strong with Trucker Tom and his transformation into a more confident and happier individual who wins back the love of his ex-wife Abbie. Tom’s kind, gentle nature shines through from the get-go, which is probably why his misinformed comment asking Bobby who was the ‘man’ and the ‘woman’ in his relationship didn’t rattle Bobby or Jonathan.

Instead, the guys took this as an opportunity to inform Tom and explained why that question is offensive and with credit to Tom, he took it in his stride and listen patiently. It was a beautiful moment that demonstrates how outdated and misinformed views can be challenged and changed without aggressive or hateful interactions.

Dega Don’t – S01, E03

When Karamo is pulled over and asked to exit the vehicle by a police officer, all our hearts stopped. The whole group were left shaken up, especially Karamo and Tan who were actually both close to quitting the show due to the incident. This scene remains so prominent in everyone’s mind because it addresses how truly terrifying getting pulled over as a black person is and how something as mundane as a traffic stop could become a matter of life or death because of someones skin colour.

Thankfully the cop was just a part of the introduction the next fab five hero, police officer Cory. But later on, Karamo used this experience to have a very poignant chat with Cory about police brutality and racism. The moment really stands out for raising such an important issue and showing how these conversations could be started to change views.

To Gay or Not Too Gay – S01, E04

A.J.’s episode stands strong as a fan favourite from season 1 for so many reasons. When the Fab 5 arrived A.J. was in the middle of finding his path and owning his truth as a gay man. It upset him greatly that he had not come out to his late father and throughout the episode, the team builds up his confidence and reassures him of the strength he possesses so that he is able to come out to his stepmother.

A.J. took his stepmother aside during his get-together and read to her the letter he had written for his Dad. It’s not long before everyone is flooded with tears. Haide holds A.J. and tells him that she accepts him and that everything is going to be fine. It was such a beautiful display of genuine care and acceptance that we won’t be forgetting for a long time.

God Bless Gay – S02, E01

They came to rip our hearts out in season 2’s opening episode with the introduction of Mama Tammye. If she could be everyone’s mother then the world would be a far better and kinder place for all. Tammye proves that religion and acceptance should and can go hand in hand. Her inspiring strength and overwhelming warmth hits home with the Fab 5 and gave them a dose of their own wonderful medicine.

There really is no one more deserving of all that Fab 5 goodness than Tammye following her battle with cancer. Her closing speech at the community centre where she proclaimed to all her unshakeable love for her faith and her gay son definitely broke the strongest among us.


The Handyman Can – S02, E04

This episode probably had you screaming at the TV ‘Don’t leave Jason, you and Beth are meant to be!‘ all the way through. It felt like a teen rom-com but much sadder because despite everything it appeared that Jason would never pick up on those oh so obvious hints that Beth was more to him than just his friend.

Thankfully, common sense kicked in before it was too late and the moment we all find out that Jason stayed to be with Beth all our hearts leapt into the air. It was the happy ending they both deserved and a moment that will make the butterflies go wild. And if the internet can be trusted, they are still together even now – so a huge success!

Sky’s the Limit – S02, E05

Skylar’s happiness as he looks down after his surgery and saw the body he was meant to have for the first time was beyond heartwarming. It only gets better as we watch the Fab 5 assist Skylar in finding his own style and filling him with the confidence to proudly own his truth and come into his own person.

Perhaps the most important thing to take away from the episode is that just because LGBTQ+ share a community it doesn’t mean that everyone under this umbrella knows the ins and outs of what each other experience. No one’s identity or experience is exactly the same as another. Even the most informed among us can and should sit down, listen and learn from others.

Jones Bar-B-Q – S03, E03

Sisters, Deborah and Mary Jones are extremely hardworking, determined and hella deserving of the Fab 5 treatment! The Jones sisters work tirelessly at their popular BBQ join in Kansas City and were in need of some Fab 5 pampering. It was truly incredible when Antoni took them to mass-produce their Dad’s secret BBQ sauce and Bobby surprised them by turning their restaurant into a modern masterpiece that proudly honours their family’s history.

However, the moment that stole the show overall was when Jonathan and Tan took Mary to get her smile fixed. Her confidence boomed and it was the purest thing and truly amazing to see how she couldn’t stop gleaming with happiness afterwards!

Christopher Smith/Netflix

Black Girl Magic – S03, E05

Jess proves to be one hell of a strong woman, having survived a lot and still come out on top. Since coming out at 16-years-old, Jess has had to rely heavily on herself and her chosen family to grow up after her adoptive family kicked her out.

Bobby was a particular highlight of the episode because he showed such raw support and understanding from his own similar experience at the same age. He kinda represented a light at the end of the tunnel for Jess and offered reassurance that she can still thrive after these knockbacks. It was also really special watching Karamo show Jess that there is no ‘right’ way to be black and her identity is whatever she wants to make of it.

Christopher Smith/Netflix

Elrod & Sons S03,E06

I hope you didn’t make the mistake I did and watch this episode in public – because there is absolutely no way to avoid bawling your eyes out! The Fab 5 join Rob Elrod and his two boys (aged 3 & 5) as they prepare to move into their forever home, but sadly without his wife Alison who recently passed away from cancer. The strength Rob shows for his sons is unbelievable and so admirable. He remains positive about the future despite everything because he wants to make Alison proud and give their sons the home and future she wanted for them.

Basically, every part of this episode is heart-wrenching but if there’s one moment that pulls on the heartstrings harder than the rest, it’s Bobby engraving the chest with Alison’s written note in her children’s birthday cards saying ‘be nice to your brother’. I won’t lie, there were floods and floods of tears at that point and I got a good few side-eyes on the train but who cares!

Christopher Smith/Netflix

What is your favourite Queer Eye moment from seasons 1-3 so far? and are you emotionally prepared for what’s coming this July 19th? Let us know!

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