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Things only students will understand

Student life really is something else entirely isn’t it? There really is no easy way to summarise how bizarre, stressful and hilarious this time of your life is, but we’ve decided to give it a good go with the help of gifs…

Stress napping in the afternoon to avoid starting that essay or doing the seminar reading

Responsibilities and deadlines can’t get me if I’m unconscious

Avoiding doing a food shop like a pro with trips to the corner-shop and maccies

Then trying to remember the last time you actually had a fruit or vegetable…

The coin-toss of whether you’ll go to that 9am lecture

If you go to like 30% you can miss the rest right?

Trying to find that motivation you had during college when second-year comes around and your life motto is no longer ‘only need 40%’

The brief moment of joy you have when your student loan comes in only to have rent, bills and your overdraft take away the majority

Showing true ingenuity by inventing new drinking games with just some cards and creativity

Not even with cards sometimes

Telling yourself you won’t go out tonight and then taking all of two minutes to change out of your PJs and start pre-drinking as soon as your friend asks you to come out

That friend’s face when you agree to ‘just one’ knowing full well that it will never be ‘just one’

Somehow always bumping into the person you least want to see on every night out

20,000 students and I always see you – how?!

The shock at alcohol prices when you venture to non-student bars and clubs

I demand my £2 vodka blue!

Listening to your friends describe all the things you did drunk last night and absolutely none of it bringing back any memories

The joke of paying £9,000 a year in tuition fees and the uni still making you pay for books, printing, stationery, water, air…

Then also thinking about how much money you’ve actually spent on alcohol and takeaways during your time at uni

The panic of when your parents come to visit and you’ve got to try and redeem the dive that you currently live in

Going home during ‘reading’ weeks to be productive and then never once opening a book

The state of you after the last-minute, all-nighter you had to pull to make the deadline for the essay you’ve been putting off starting

Avoiding the library successfully until the very last year when you have no choice…

The life-saver that is Amazon Prime when you need a book for your seminar tomorrow and the library failed you…

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If you have to pay tribute to anyone in your dissertation it should really be red bull, Wikipedia and vodka

And finally, the feeling of impending doom when anyone brings up the topic of life after uni

I’ve only just scraped through this part, give me a second!

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