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10 times FRIENDS Joey and Chandler proved they had the perfect friendship

FRIENDS gave us perhaps some of the most memorable friendships in TV history but Joey and Chandler definitely top this list. Their friendship survived a love triangle, failed relationships and a house robbery, all whilst maintaining their mostly-lighthearted interactions. Every person like Chandler needs a friend like Joey and here are 10 reasons why they are the best of friends…

1) When they reaffirmed their bromance through their interior decorating decisions

I mean their apartment was never as perfectly decorated as Monica’s. However, Joey and Chandler’s decoration perfectly embodied their bromance. Take the matching recliner chairs and even the canoe (after Joey accidentally allowed all of their furniture to get stolen).

Notable episodes: The One Where Ross and Rachel … You Know (Series 2 Episode 15), The One With the Cat (Series 4 Episode 2)

2) When they act in unison

And again…

Need I say more?

Notable episodes: The One With Phoebe’s Dad (Series 2 Episode 10), The One With The Embryo’s (Series 4 Episode 12)

3)When Chandler taught Joey important life lessons

Let’s be honest, Joey probably wouldn’t have survived without Chandler. Chandler educated him through life lessons such as paying bills, anatomy lessons and acting jobs (also how many loans did Chandler give to Joey throughout the run of the show).

Notable episodes: The One On The Last Night (Series 6 Episode 6), The One Where They All Turn Thirty (Series 7 Episode 14).

4) When Joey covered up Chandler’s new romance with Monica

Albeit reluctantly. He even officiated their marriage.

Notable episodes: The One With The Kips (Series 5 Episode 5), The One Where Everybody Finds Out (Series 5 Episode 14), The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding (Series 7 Episode 24).

5) When they fought (and inevitably made up)

Let’s pretend the love triangle didn’t happen.

Notable episode: The One When No One’s Ready (Series 3 Episode 2)

6) When they adopted the chick and the duck together (and chick jr and duck jr)

And ultimately realised their parental instincts.

Notable episodes: The One With A Chick And A Duck (Series 3 Episode 21), The Last One Part 1 (Series 10 Episode 17)

7) When they revisited their childhood

Many times…

Notable episodes: The One Where Ross Moves In (Series 5 Episode 7), The One With The Inappropriate Sister (Series 5 Episode 10), The One With Rachel’s Goin Away Party (Series 10 Episode 16).

8) When Joey realised Chandler doesn’t cry

I mean how do you not cry when Bambi’s mother dies?

Notable episode: The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry (Series 6 Episode 14).

9) When they hugged (many, many times)

Notable episode: The One Where Joey Moves Out (Series 2 Episode 16), The One Where Eddie Won’t Go (Series 2 Episode 19).

10) When they shamelessly saved each other from embarrassment on New Year’s Eve

Notable episode: The One With The Monkey (Series 1 Episode 10)

*Notable Mention* – their amazing dance moves

Most episodes: including The One With All The Poker (Series 1 Episode 18), The One With All The Jealousy (Series 3 Episode 12)

What are some of your favourite FRIENDS moments?

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