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The hottest denim looks that you need in your life right now

Denim is a timeless look that shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon and especially not right before summer kicks in. Here is some of the hottest denim that will breathe life back into your wardrobe…

1) Embroidery denim

Embroidery gives us that ‘wild west’ vibe and thanks to all the colourful patterns inside the detail it can easily take an outfit from simple to interesting.

2) Smart and Sleek denim

No more confusion around that dreaded, smart/casual dress code. Let’s be real, denim is the only way to balance the look and keep things formal whilst offering an easy way to dress the look down later on.

3) Summery denim

Whitewash denim is a really stylish and retro statement piece for your wardrobe. When paired with hints of vibrant red, the faded tones the whole look really comes to life.

4) White denim

On that note, just going for fully white denim is always a solid look for basically any occasion. White denim jeans is a summer essential and you’ll struggle to find a top that won’t go with these modern and versatile beauties.

5) Mickey Mouse denim

Release your inner kid and rep a bit of Disney denim for fun! These Micky Mouse prints are adorable and if you don’t have an occasion to wear them for, then make one!

6) High-class denim

Who would have thought that ripped bottom denim could actually be styled into such a high-class look. It’s contemporary with a touch of grunge and we’re living for it!

7) Throwback high-waist denim

Bring the 1970’s back with a pair of high-waist, Mom-jeans! High waisted denim is truly timeless, it pulls you in at the right place and makes every outfit look effortlessly charming.

8) Sophisticated denim

Tucking a blazer into a pair of classic denim is super innovative and then tying it all together with a pop of colour and patterned undershirt feels so refreshing. Here’s your next job interview or girl’s night out look nailed!

9) Double denim

I know we all laugh at the denim throw-up picture of Britney and Justin back in the day but they were onto something when it comes to doubling on denim… perhaps they should have just stopped at doubling. Seriously though, mixing denim shades is a fierce look that is perfect for the summer.

10) All white denim

On that note of doubling up, don’t be afraid to use the same tone twice, especially if it’s white denim. You just can’t have too much of a good thing and this full white, denim look is fire!

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