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5 things every Marvel-obsessed fan must have

The end of an era is fast approaching as Avengers: Endgame will hit the cinemas on Thursday 25th April and give Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a conclusion after a 10-year build up across 21 films.

You can get prepared for this monumental day in cinematic history with these awesome products that are sure to be right up every mega-fan’s street…

1) A priceless Thanos collectable for your set

He’s the big baddie of the entire MCU and perhaps the only villain who has succeeded in defeating our heroes and reaping truly unimaginable havoc on the entire MCU – until Endgame hopefully!

His part in the conclusion of Phase Three is no minor role and surely this makes Thanos a worthwhile part of any collection. After all, good is only good when compared to evil.

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2) Pop! Vinyl’s of your favourite characters

Who doesn’t have Pop! Vinyl’s nowadays? Funko’s adorable little vinyl figures have become a signature part of the millennial home. What a perfect way to display your undying love for Marvel by collecting all your favourite characters and arranging them in order of dead to alive or maybe least to most powerful for something a little less depressing?

Available at Zavvi on a 3 for £30 deal with an extra 10% off from Youth Discount

3) The infinity gauntlet!

How epic will you feel walking into the cinema with your own infinity gauntlet on? Steal the show with this impressive accessory that will let everyone else know that you did not come to play today as you hold all the powers of the universe in one hand.

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4) All of the DVDs

Any true Marvel fan will have every single one of the MCU films in order lined up on their shelves at all time – it’s just a must! Otherwise, how else are you suppose to binge-watch every single one in preparation for Endgame and then come home and rewatch every single film after Endgame to find all the Easter eggs beforehand?

Available at Zavvi with an extra 10% off from Youth Discount

5) Marvel Tees

T-shirts are a proven way for all fandoms to show their loyalty loud and proud! You can get the standard symbols of all your favourite heroes for the classic Marvel fan look. Or you can get a bit more creative and use the wonderful and funny folk over at Monthly Tee Club to whip up something a little more unique, like Thortoise here:

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