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Our predictions of how Game of Thrones might end

The final season of Game of Thrones comes to NOW TV on Monday 15th April.

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Theory 1) Everyone dies

George RR Martin is perhaps the most murderous writer of all time and we’ve all learned the hard way that this man does not shy away from killing off our favourite characters. Even after we’ve invested our heart and souls into rooting for them *cry* Ned Stark *cry*.

Some people believe that his cruelty knows no bounds and that the final season will be the most devasting one yet. Potentially, it could end with everybody in Westeros dying and the Night King sitting on the throne.


I know it’s a bit of a depressing theory but on a positive note, perhaps once the characters are all dead there could be a whole new story arch about the undead politics of Westeros. I mean surely someone still has to rule the undead? and I can’t see dead Cersei willingly letting the Night King keep the Throne.

Theory 2) Jon and Daenery’s incest baby sits on the throne

I mean the Iron Throne does seem to have a proven track record for favouring incest children recently, with Joffery and Tommen as examples.


There is some legitimacy to why this theory might happen. George RR Martin described the ending as ‘bittersweet‘ and what could be more bittersweet than the orphan child of our two heroes having to continue their legacy alone, just like Jon has for Lyanna and Rhaegar. What would make this a sweet ending is if their child creates a Westeros far greater than anything before, in an attempt to honour them – say aww!


Theory 3) The living Starks have to fight the dead Starks

So we already know from the recent teaser trailer that the Night King and his army definitely make it to Winterfell, and what is in Winterfell?

The crypt of Winterfell with generations and generations of Starks inside! We’re talking: Lyanna, Ned, Rickon, Caitlyn and Robb! The Night King brings people back from the dead and the Starks are basically all dead aside from Jon, Ayra, Sansa and Bran.

Now that would be one hell of a battle between the living and dead. Who would prevail? Each side has some pretty bad-ass fighters on their team. Could the living Stark’s really bring themselves to kill the ones they’ve lost… again?

Picture this ending: Jon prevails at the battle of Winterfell and then just when we all think the dust has settled and the dead has been defeated. Ned Stark pops up behind Jon and chops his head off!


It’s outlandish but is it really out of the realms of possibility when it comes to all the outlandish things that have happen in the GoT universe?

Theory 4) The white walkers just want to be friends

Now hear me out, because this theory could have some traction. The people of Westeros spent centuries fearing the Wildlings, they even built a huge wall and employed men of the Night’s Watch to keep Wildling’s out of their ‘southern’ land.


Yet, when Jon got to know the Wildlings properly and understand their mission in season two, he realised how wrong everyone had been about them. He then rescued them at Hardhome and currently lets them live on the safer side of the wall and from what we’ve seen so far they have lived in peace with the Northern folk – demonstrating that enemies can become friends after all.


So maybe, just maybe, the same thing could happen with the Night King and his undead army? Perhaps it’s all just a misunderstanding and once everyone sits down and chats it out, things will get resolved and the living and dead can live in harmonious peace.

Yeahhhhh okay, I know it’s a very far-fetched theory!

Theory 5) Everybody sits on the throne

Okay well not literally and not everybody! Perhaps the whole story of Game of Thrones is actually leading up to what will finally ‘breaks the wheel‘ of monarchy and bring democracy to the seven kingdoms.

In season seven, Tyrion raised the issue to Daenery about what might happen after she sits on the throne but can no longer produce an heir (unless you count her dragons).


Although Dany got a little heated about the subject and shot him down instantly, it was a valid point that plants the seed for what big issue might need to be overcome in the final season if Daenery’s should thrive.

Realistically, it’s not like democracy is unheard of inside the realm of Westeros. The Night’s Watch showed us that it exists and can work at the start of season five when Jon got elected as the Lord Commander.


So scooch up Cersei!

Bonus Theory) It ends with Sam writing the whole story

Many have speculated that George RR Martin may have written the character of Sam Tarly in his image. Like George, Sam is smart, loves reading and fanboys over history a lot. So it does add up in many ways.


Since George is the author of Game of Thrones then perhaps it makes a lot of sense that his character double would be the author of the story inside the GoT universe.

This theory started to feel a lot more plausible following Sam’s conversation with the Archmaester Ebrose in season seven. The Archmaester says to Sam:

I’m not writing ‘A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I’ so it can sit on the shelf unread

To which, Sam looked unimpressed and said that instead, it should be titled:

Possibly something a bit more poetic

And so if Sam is revealed to be the storyteller of the wars following King Robert’s death, then perhaps the final shot we will see at the end of Game of Thrones is a zoom out on Sam whilst he finishes writing the final line inside a book. A book which he has very poetically titled ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’


Mind blown!

What are your thoughts on how Game of Thrones might end?

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