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The best Easter eggs of 2019

Easter is finally here and it’s the most wonderful time of the year – move over Christmas!

How can we not be super excited for this holiday when we’re going be spoiled rotten with these options below for Easter eggs…

1) Ferrero Rocher

I’m devastated on behalf of all people with nut allergies who cannot enjoy the divine taste of Ferrero Rocher. There is really nothing better than a Ferrero Rocher except perhaps a giant Ferrero Rocher!

2) Cheese egg

Not everybody is a chocolate fan, sometimes it’s all about the savoury flavours and so this year the supermarkets are really treating us cheese addicts with the a range of incredible cheese Easter eggs! This Blacksticks Blue Cheester Egg from Asda comes with mini oatcakes and caramelised onion chutney – yum!

3) Avocado egg

The ultimate millennial Easter egg has returned again this year following it’s success as the fastest-selling Easter egg of all time. This time there’s been a little bit of an expansion, with the addition of tiny baby avocado eggs and some small vegan jelly versions of this delightful treat!

4) Chocolate scotch egg

Every year we can always count on Waitrose to take the Easter egg game up a level. Who’d have thought that chocolate scotch eggs would look so incredibly delicious, I’m shocked that this hasn’t been on the shelves before!

5) Dragon egg

What better way to get ready for the final season of Game of Thrones than with your own Dragon egg! The details on these are amazing, I’m even half expecting one of them to be the real thing – fingers crossed!

6) Pick’n’mix egg

This egg is a real flash from the past and I love it! How much fun does this look, I can already feel all those happy childhood memories gorging on pick’n’mix flooding back – ahh simpler times!

7) Vegan eggs

2019 is definitely the year of vegans, with every fast food restaurant releasing new menus catering to all at the start of the year. It’s an exciting time to see what other creative vegan options the food industry can come up with. These vegan eggs from Fab Fudge look majestic and delicious, I’m down for tying it!

8) Thorntons egg

You can’t have a list about chocolate and not include the UK’s most supreme brand, Thorntons. The masters of all thing chocolatey are always a source for the finest Easter eggs and their premium Easter egg collection is serving up some true perfection that you need to try:

  • Dark chocolate and orange
  • White chocolate and raspberry
  • Milk chocolate, almond and hazelnut

You can get 10% off at Thorntons with Youth Discount

9) Bird Cage

Say what you will about Aldi, but the supermarket sure knows how to do high-class where it matters. This beautiful bird cage Easter egg is all kinds of fancy, how could anyone resist?

10) Oreo Easter eggs

OMG all our dreams have finally come true! This year Cadbury finally released an Oreo Easter egg, this is not a drill! Apparently, the inside is filled to the brim with that delicious creamy filling that we all crave so much.

Easter 2019 is definitely going to be a real good time!

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