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New app allows you to book holidays using Instagram screenshots

How many times a day are we all scrolling Instagram and getting instant travel envy and an immediate need to search for flights?

Well, it must be enough to warrant EasyJet launching their new app, ‘Look&Book’, to give us travellers the easy booking solution we never knew we needed, until now.

By screenshotting the photo of the destination in question and uploading it to the app, ‘Look&Book’ will then load the best route and flight options available for a quick getaway.

This can be super helpful if firstly, you don’t know where the photo was taken because some stranger online made the selfish error of not doing you a solid and tagging their holiday snap! But also, it’s great if you’re curious about how realistic this getaway could be and want to find out the price options you have to make this happen.

Currently, the app only works to identify destinations in Europe and North Africa, but if it becomes a hit then no doubt the service will keep expanding.

Similarly, it only currently works with Instagram posts but EasyJet is already hoping to launch the service for Snapchat and Pinterest soon.

Check out how it all works below:

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