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Alcoholic drinks that taste like sweets from your childhood

Growing up shouldn’t come at the price of your favourite sweets and treats! Instead, do the adult thing and find alcoholic beverages that taste exactly like them. Here are our five recommendations to revolutionise your drinking game – go treat yo’ self!

1) Amaretto + Coke = Marzipan

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur made from almonds and so when mixed with an extra dose of sugar from coke this combo tastes exactly like marzipan which is also made with almonds.

2) Southern Comfort + Lemonade = Refreshers

If you’re not usually a fan of whiskey then give this concoction a try to change your mind. Southern Comfort is a whiskey-flavoured liqueur with fruit and spice and when mixed with lemonade it tastes uncannily like Refresher sweets.

3) Kopparberg + Squeezed Lime = Twister

Cider is the perfect drink for a hot summers day but you can go one better and make it taste exactly like a twister ice-lolly. It’s pretty simple really, just squeeze half a lime into a Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime cider and wa-lah, there you have it!

4) Spiced Rum + Ginger Ale = Cream Soda

I can’t vouch for this one because I’m yet to try it but according to a friend, the combination of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and Ginger Ale produces an eerily similar flavour to that of vanilla cream soda.

5) Disaronno + Cranberry Juice + Orange Juice = Fizzers

Amaretto and Disaronno are very similar in flavour, but what makes Disaronno unique is the inclusion of ‘seventeen selected herbs and fruits’. Clearly, those extra herbs and fruits are the secret ingredient to mirroring the taste of Fizzers. That’s right! When Disaronno is mixed with cranberry and orange juice the drink tastes exactly like Fizzers sweets.

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