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10 key skincare tips and tricks to keep your skin healthy during summer

The warmer weather is brilliant for many things, but skincare is unfortunately not one of those things! Here’s our no-nonsense guide on how to stay on top of your summer skincare routine and keep those dry and oily issues at bay.

1) Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen daily

Broad-spectrum just means that you’ve picked a sunscreen that will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays! It’s important to stay fully covered against both in the summer as they’re equally harmful. Whilst shopping for your sunscreens just keep an eye out for products which include combinations of zinc oxide, octinoxate, octisalate and titanium dioxide.

2) Apply aloe vera on sunburns

You’ve probably heard this advice before but it’s a really neat trick that’s worth reiterating time and time again! Aloe Vera’s soothing properties does wonders for sunburnt skin and there really is no natural remedy like it. You can pick up some Aloe Vera gel from nearly all drug stores.

3) Use a mattify mask 2/3 times a week

It’s all about achieving that ‘summer glow’ this time of year but oily skin can make you feel less like a glowing goddess and more like a licked jelly baby! Have no fear though because mattify masks are a godsend that will see you through into much better times. Amazon customers rave about BeBarefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask and Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask also comes highly recommended!

4) Use a facial cleanser morning and night

Yes, summer brings long gorgeous days but along with the sun comes some real challenges for our skin thanks to sweat, sand and suncream! You’ve got to stay vigilant morning and night with your cleansing routine if you want to avoid breakouts and blemishes. Pick a good cleanser that works for your skin type and if in doubt, check the reviews! For example, if you’re prone to oily skin then Avéne Cleanance Cleansing Gel has great reviews.

5) Don’t stop moisturising!

You might think summer is the time to cut back on moisturising routine but that would be a big mistake. Instead, just trade in your heavy winter cream-based moisturisers for a lighter, water-based cleanser. This will help your skin breathe in hotter temperatures and make your skin feel less oily/greasy. Try one with hyaluronic acid to see and feel a real difference!

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6) Use a face/body scrub once a week

Keeping up with a facial scrub every week will help you get rid of sweat build-up and cleanse your skin of all the tolls summer puts it under. This is an important step if you want to avoid blocked pores and breakouts. It’s also important to treat the rest of your body with a scrub down now and then to remove all that sweat and dirt build up and keep your skin fresh and happy!

7) Store your products in the fridge

This is a really neat trick to enhance the enhance your skincare products so definitely make space in your fridge for your gel and clay products plus your eye creams. It might sound a little bizarre but when you break it down, it’s actually not that weird. Those products which are best for your skin are usually full of natural ingredients and just like how your natural food sources store better in the fridge, so do your natural skincare products.

8) Use an SPF lip balm

Don’t forget that your lips need a little extra attention in the summer to help them stay soft and keep those chapped lips at bay! A good lip balm is a must-have for your handbag and one with SPF protection is far superior to all else.

9) Take extra care around your sensitive skin

Similar to your lips, sometimes we forget that the skin around our eyes also needs a little extra TLC. The eye skin is super sensitive and so when the weather gets harsher the eyes tend to be where our skin pays the highest price. Of course, you can do the most obvious thing and wear a pair of shades outside to keep your eyes protected from the sun. But on top of that, you can invest in a good eye cream for that little extra burst of moisture.

10) Take cool showers

Cool showers in the winter sound like a nightmare but in the summer this will be a welcomed relief to the long, hot days! Not only will it help cool you off but also the colder temperatures won’t dry your skin out as much because it doesn’t strip away your natural oils as much as warm water does. This can help keep your skin clear and healthy!

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