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Shop ethically at Youth Discount with these 26 brands


Youth Discount - 11%

Monki vows to use only 100% sustainable cotton forever! These are all small step towards their bigger goal which is to use only recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030. Their no-go material list includes rainforest products, real furs, angora wool, cashmere wool, PVC and any products tested on animals. Monki also works in partnership with Mental Health Europe and is committed to promoting positive health and ending the mental health stigma. 


Youth Discount - 10%

PureChimp promises 100% natural goodness with their products by using only natural ingredients and avoiding all artificial ingredients. Not only are their products vegan but the company is also environmentally savvy by using recyclable kraft paper, corrugated card and cardboard boxes to deliver your packages. That means that an impressive 95% of PureChimp products come in fully recyclable packaging! The company also actively supports several important charities and even donates 5% of its overall profits to causes they believe in.

Lunar Glow

Youth Discount - 15%

All Lunar Glow products are labelled as free from 'cruelty, parabens, mineral oil, fragrance and alcohol'. The folk over at Lunar Glow believe wholeheartedly that natural ingredients are the best way to take care of your skin and so do all of their happy customers who have left gleaming reviews online. They're also a British based company which means there is no hefty carbon emissions tag added onto your purchase.  

Twenty First Century Herbs

Youth Discount - Free Rhubarb Complex Supplements

Twenty-First Century Herbs has one goal and one goal only, to 'provide healthy, 100% natural remedies'. As a result, this means that every single product is untampered and 100% vegan-friendly. Founder, Nik Imrye, knows what he is talking about as a longstanding member of The Guild of Master Herbalist and a lecturer at Manchester University. The company is another UK manufacturer so you don't have to worry about contributing to air pollution just to get your hands on these goodies. 

Simply Argan

Youth Discount - Free Simply Argan Oil Sample

Simply Argan provides 100% natural, organic argan oil containing no artificial colouring, preservatives or perfumes, making it both vegan and cruelty-free. The Cheshire based company values ethical trading highly and guarantees that they source the argan oil and other ingredients from sustainable resources and always pay a fair price. To further help the environment, Simply Argan has introduced refills for their argan+ range to cut down on their plastic waste. They intend to roll the scheme out to the rest of the range as soon as possible. On the website, they state 'we are vehemently against animal cruelty' and never have nor never will test any product on animals' and aside from certain products, such as their lip balms which contain beeswax, all products are vegan. 

Corpore Sanctum

Youth Discount - Free Aloe Vera Rebalance Foaming Cleanser

Ross Bey, the CEO of Corpore Sanctum decided to create a company that brought eco-friendly Korean products into the western beauty culture. As a vegan herself she was determined to move away from the industry standard involving animal-cruelty and create a range of 100% natural products that would work wonders on the skin and also be sustainable for the planet. Since animals have such a crucial place in Bey's heart she also decided to donate 5% of her profits to her favourite environment and animal charities such as WWF. 

Monthly Tee Club

Youth Discount - Free T-Shirt

The Monthly Tee Club philosophy is that every human being should have access to the basics in life and clean clothing should be no exception, which is why they launched their #Tee4aTeeProject.  Every month that you are a member of the Monthly Tee Club they will donate either an item or the monetary equivalent to a charity or someone in need on your behalf. For example, recently they donated £2,300 to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital to contribute towards the purchase of a state-of-the-art MRI scanner that will revolutionise brain surgery at the hospital. Additionally, all the tees are made of 100% ringspun cotton so you can guarantee that no animals were harmed to make them. 


Youth Discount - 15%

This Scandinavian company prides itself on upholding the values of their home country of Norway by placing generosity and social responsibility first. They've partnered with 3 global NGO's in the fields of health, education and environment to ensure that their company and its customers can be proud of what the watches stand for. With their Giving Back Program you can personally choose which cause you would like to support with every watch you purchase. As you might have guessed, Green is also in the name for a reason and that reason is Nordgreen's passion for sustainability. The company ensures that its products and processes are as sustainable as possible. For example, they use recyclable packaging and have partnered with sustainable manufacturers.   

Simon Jersey

Youth Discount - 20%

Simon Jersey realises that as a company who produces more than 2 million garments every year, they must be held responsible for the impact this could have on the environment. They wanted to make sure their products are both sustainable and compassionate.  As a company, they have independent audit experts regularly check their suppliers to ensure they are complying with human rights, labour rights, anti-corruption measures and environmental responsibility. Simon Jersey also believes in freely sharing their business information and are a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex). They will also only do business with suppliers who also register with this organisation.   

Savile Row Company

Youth Discount - 15%

Savile Row Company are striving to make sure that all their products are BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified. This means that the cotton comes from a sustainable source that will help relieve the strain our environment is currently facing. Currently, the shirts which are BCI certified are labelled as such on the website and they hope to keep this number increasing. Savile Row Company also goes to great lengths to make sure their employees are not exploited or exposed to unsafe working conditions regardless of country, supplier or factory. 


Youth Discount - 20%

Laze is the best place to find contemporary sleepwear that is fun, fresh and trend-focused. Not only are the products high-quality and stylish but they are also vegan, so you can rest easy in your super soft pyjamas knowing that neither people nor animals have been exploited to make them. They've steered clear of silk completely in exchange for a cosy satin alternative from a blend of polyester and elastane.  


Youth Discount - 40%

Running a huge clothing corporation like GAP comes with equally huge responsibilities for the care of the environment. This is why GAP runs several sustainability initiatives as a way to reduce the impact they are having on the environment. They have made a commitment to using 100% sustainable cotton by 2021 and have also set themselves a goal of conserve 10 billion litres of water by the end of 2020. GAP is focused on product innovation and efficiency improvements at their factories. For example, they now wash the denim is 20% less water and making sure that all water used is clean and safe for communities and the environment when leaving the factory. The company also funds many charitable projects that help people gain skills and employment, such as Personal Advancement Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E) and This Way Ahead. 

Spoiled Brat

Youth Discount - 20%

The family-run clothing company, Spoiled Brat offers real celebrity fashion with a cruelty-free guarantee. They are a member of the Humane Society International and they state very boldly on their website that they 'believe excellent standards of animal welfare should go hand in hand with providing irresistible fashion'. You can find a full and detailed list of the animal materials and byproducts that the company refuses to use for fashion statements. From fur to endangered animals there is no blurred line here. 


Youth Discount - 20%

Bellapierre is an ever growing beauty brand with four core values 'Purity, Variety, Simplicity and Quality'. They always listen and respond to what the customers want, which is why they've introduced their very own vegan line which they are planning to expand. As the company grows bigger and bigger, Bellapierre promises to stay committed to using safe, earth-based ingredients that are toxin, paraben and cruelty-free, whilst remaining committed to social corporate responsibility and fair trade. 

The Protein Works

Youth Discount - 25%

After expanding across 50 different countries, The Protein Works still holds themselves to the highest of standards when it comes to top-quality nutrition and advice. They pride themselves on giving customers premium ingredients, genuine innovation and insane tasting products. Thankfully, those values all still carry through into their fully vegan protein line. You can find delicious vegan recipes, diet advice, diet plans and an impressive stock of vegan products from protein powder to supplements all online. 

CBD Armour

Youth Discount - 15%

CBD Armour are market leaders in designing and producing CBD oil products in the UK. Above all else, they take their customers health very seriously and ensure that all of their products are organic and natural. They do not use any preservatives, flavours, chemicals or alcohol so you can guarantee that what you see is what you get. Their mission is to live in a world where people can be healthy and happy. 

LA Muscle

Youth Discount - 20%

LA Muscle is a British based luxury sports supplement company whose 100% natural products are used by celebrities, athletes and everyone in-between. The company has long been passionate about environmental issues and works hard to do their part. For example, LA Muscle has started manufacturing locally in as many countries as possible to provide customers with fresher products and drastically off-set their carbon footprint. They also started one of the first commercial recycling initiatives in London and convinced 24 of their neighbours to join in as well. They use recycled materials where possible and will also collect and recycle 10 or more plastic tubs from you absolutely free of charge. LA Muscle is also a monthly contributor to over 10 different charities including Friends of the Earth, WWF and Green Alliance. 

Feel Good Contacts

Youth Discount - 5% 

Feel Good Contacts wants you to feel good in every way possible, including feeling good by helping the environment and giving back to others. The company is a proud partner of Terracycle who is working with Acuvue to recycle contact lenses and contact lens packaging. All you have to do is collect your contact lenses in a small container and either drop them off at one of their 2,700 drop-off points across the UK or bring your old lenses in when you come to collect. Aside from eye care, the company also works closely and donates to several charitable organisations who work to promote eye health, fund research and treat and support those with eye conditions. 


Youth Discount - 15%

GoNutrition guarantees these three factors about their company 1)Premium Quality 2)100% Transparent 3)Results Driven. They don't mess around when it comes to your health and you'll see that clearly in the products they offer. The new 'Go Green'  vegan range focuses on making sure that their vegan customers consume enough protein to hit their lifestyle goals. GoNutrition's Soy Protein Isolate and Vegan Blend mix comes highly recommended and they promise that they will never compromise on the taste. 

Vision Direct

Youth Discount - 10%

Vision Direct wants to improve your life by improving your sight. Alongside being committed to delivering low prices, fast delivery and exceptional service to their customers, Vision Direct is also committed to supporting communities and working with charities to make real change. They are apart of the Essilor Vision Foundation which has launched an initiative in over 40 different countries to help more than 6 million people access first-time vision care since 2013. They also support Vision Aid Overseas where they have provided financial support, frames and lenses to five regional districts in Southern Ethiopia. They want to extend their efforts by sending 21,000 frames and lenses by 2020.

WD Great Britain 

Youth Discount - 20%

Western Digital (WD) do far more than just make great storage devices for the world, they also have a strong determination to grow the company in a sustainable way. From preserving and protecting the environment, to improve the communities they operate within, WD is very socially conscious. They believe that to be a good corporate citizen and a good neighbour they must maintain and improve the cleanliness of the air, water and land where they operate. They review the status of their environmental management systems regularly and always look to identify opportunities to improve. They also invest in charitable causes which focus heavily on educational programs for STEM subjects and support military families and veterans.


Youth Discount - FREE Amazon Student Prime 

This might seem an odd one to have on the list since huge corporations are the biggest culprit when it comes to the issues our planet faces. No one here is denying that Amazon has got a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. But, unlike others, Amazon is actually one of the big companies that are actively engaging in several eco-friendly schemes and being innovative in finding improvements and solutions. For example, after much feedback, they developed a software program to determine the 'right-sized' box which has significantly reduced unnecessary packaging waste. Plus most Amazon orders now come in 100% recovered fibre content that is fully recyclable. Amazon also has a specialist website called '' where customers have selected a list of green products to recommend to each other. Amazon is a huge participant in charitable causes which help develop the fields of education and health.


Youth Discount - Up to 50%

As one of the biggest global tech companies, Samsung had long faced heavy criticism for having no environmental plans. But this year the giant tech corporation finally made an important leap towards improving sustainability by replacing all plastic packaging with sustainable materials that can be recycled. They also vowed that all their paper supply will come from certified environmental organisations by 2020. Samsung went a step further and altered some of their product designs, for example, phone chargers will now have a matte finish so extra plastic is not needed. These changes just prove that even the biggest companies are not immune to social consciousness. Samsung's shift to greener packaging and products will eliminate massive amounts of waste and sets the right example for other tech giants to follow.  


Youth Discount - Free guides for Gap Year / Festival / Graduate / Student

British American Group produces a wide range of magazines for young adults embarking on the daunting task of figuring out their future. From getting to grips with the ins and outs of student and graduate life to all the advice you'll need for a global adventure, plus the low down on all the summer festivals. You can trust that these guides will see you through thick and thin and the best part is that they are all electronic. This is the most environmentally-friendly way to find all the information you need in one straight-forward place.


Youth Discount - 10%

Hive offers customers a way to support local bookshops all across the UK who are under threat of closure due to people no longer using them. The website gives independent bookshops a chance to be seen by more customers and reach a wider audience to share the books they love with.  Hive connects over 100 bookshops together and when you buy a book with Hive you can choose exactly which bookshop you would live to give a percentage of your money too.


Youth Discount - 5%

Five friends were feeling dishearted with how online retail had diminished the enjoyment of buying books and decided to create, Wordery an online site where book lovers can discover their next read and chat to the helpful staff who have a real passion for the pages. Wordery works closely with charities to help improve literacy among young people because they believe that literacy is a crucial measure of a healthy society. They also partner with a local primary school to ignite a love of reading among pupils and help them discover exciting stories that will captivate their imagination.

Youth Discount is for all students, apprentices and 16–26 year olds!

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