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The UK’s first sustainable zero waste beauty brand

The global beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year and 99% of the packaging is thrown out after just one use.

These statistics are extremely troubling and shows that the beauty industry is a huge culprit behind the harm and pollution being caused to our beloved planet. As the plastic problem increases so does the demand for eco-friendly alternatives. More and more brands are finding positive ways to adapt and improve the products they offer.

Beauty Kitchen has always maintained a name for itself as one of the UK’s best sustainable beauty brands. Founder, Jo Chidley created the brand with the intention of revolutionising the accessibility and affordability of natural beauty products on the market.

This year the company is expected to take their environmental-friendly mission one step further, as they’ve recently announced the launch of what is said to be the world’s first full-circle zero waste programme: Return. Refill. Repeat.

Currently, the Return. Refill. Repeat program has already gained great success online but the company wants to expand on this and roll the programme out to all major UK high street stores by June 2019.

The premise is really quite simple, once you’re finished with the products you can then return the empty containers to Beauty Kitchen. There they will wash, refill and return the product back to you. They even pay for postage and by taking part in the zero waste programme you can get 50% off your next order.

The idea of this 100% sustainable program was initially conceived a decade ago and since then the company has spent huge amounts of time researching the best way to successfully implement Return. Refill. Repeat. to the UK masses.

It’s definitely been a really good year for Beauty Kitchen and it’s only March! Three of their biggest products are competing as finalists in this year’s CEW Beauty Awards:

  • Best New Skintellectual: Seahorse Plankton + High Definition Facial Oil
  • Best New Targeted Skincare: Natruline
  • Best New Hand or Foot Product: Seahorse Plankton + 60 Second Manicure

What all these successes at Beauty Kitchen prove is that 2019 is definitely the year for sustainability and zero-waste in the beauty industry. Clearly, going eco-conscious can have a hugely positive impact on brands. So really, the only question left to ask is, what’s the excuse not to start making sustainable changes?

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