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10 reasons to do summer camp in America this year

There are endless reasons why you should venture across the pond this summer and try out life as a camp counsellor or instructor, but we haven’t got all day so, here are our top 10 reasons why it’s worth a go…

1) The people

Camp in America is fantastic for uniting people together from all over the globe for the summer of a lifetime. Life at camp is far from mundane, it’s probably unlike anything else, and for that reason alone, you share with these strangers experiences that no one outside of camp can truly understand. At times the job can be stressful and even emotional, and that will test and strengthen your new-found friendships and ultimately make them truly special. 

2) The food

America and its love of big food is well known around the globe and although you might think the rumours to be just that, I can confirm that every portion size is far superior to our measly English meals. It’s all bigger, it’s all better and it’s got every flavour you could ever possibly imagine and then some. You could have a real field day in Walmart just trying to choose a single flavour out of all the endless crisps and ice cream options, it’s a real spectacle!

3) The life experience

It’s definitely daunting to leave your home and basically move to the other side of the world for a few months, no one is denying that. But everything worth doing is always a little daunting at first. You’re about to embark on an adventure that will, as cliché as it sounds, expand your horizons and leave you with an entirely new perspective. I firmly believe that you’ll never regret any time you spend living in another country, meeting new people and challenging yourself.

4) The travel goals

America is a beautiful country with so many bucket list items worth ticking off, so why not use camp as a chance for some good old travelling? Your J1 work visa allows you an additional month either side of camp to explore this huge country. Since you’ve come all that way, just take the opportunity and run with it. When I was at camp I got to tick New York and all of the Big Apple’s fantastic attractions off my bucket list. This even included randomly bumping into a celebrity on the street…

5) Paid to do a job like no other

How many times in life do you think you’ll be presented with a chance to live in America, meet awesome people, partake in tons of fun activities and get paid for it? Your main job is literally to make sure the kids are having a brilliant time at camp, and since fun is contagious, the best way to do that is to dive fully in and have a fun time yourself.  

6) The activities

Swimming, kayaking, hiking, horse riding, archery, gymnastics, yoga, high ropes, climbing bracelet-making, crafting and so much more! Honestly, it’s unbelievable just how action-packed a summer at camp can be. You will be able to try so many new things and learn so many new skills, what’s not to love? 

7) The culture

As much as we like to think America and the UK are very similar, there are some seriously big differences. Honestly, when you’re over there it does sometimes feel like the only thing we have in common is the language… and even then that’s questionable! It’s so much fun to explore American life and get a better understanding of what the world across the pond is actually like.

8) CV and future employment perks

Working at camp gives you several impressive skills for the CV, including, leadership and confidence. An added bonus is that the time you spend at camp also provides you with a great support network for future job prospects and scores you the perfect referee. A boss who has spent two months living with you and watching you thrive can definitely speak of your character and capabilities far better than that tutor you’ve only seen once before.

9) A far better summer than sitting at home

What else would you be doing with your summer if not attending camp? I’m sure you’ve already had far too many good summers sat at home wishing you could be abroad and living your best life—well here’s your chance! Camp life is cheap compared to all other forms of travel. Firstly, you earn the money you paid to join back across the summer and secondly, your accommodation, food and all living essentials are included. Maybe it’s not the Ritz hotel, but living in the woods is the perfect setting for one hell of an unforgettable summer.

10) The memories

I can guarantee you will spend the rest of your life looking back on your time at camp with a huge smile on your face. As you reminisce on that part of your life and tell the funny stories to others, I can promise you that you will be so thankful you filled out that application and made the decision to go to camp this summer…

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