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Twitter’s most unbelievable true stories

If we are to believe the strangers on the internet then here are some of the most insane, unbelievable true stories that sound like complete lies.

It all began when Twitter user, Walter Thunderfläsk asked his followers:

Tell me something that sounds like a lie, but is actually genuinely true… I’ll begin. An ungrateful deer once spat in my mouth.

The responses came flooding in and most of them are so outlandish and incredible that you will struggle to believe they actually happened. Here is a selection of our favourite true but sound-like-a-lie stories from today…

1) Where do we begin?!

2) Oh Sherry, pick better men girl

3) A chance encounter

4) Sounds cosy right?

5) You should probably seek medical help

6) Too soon…

7) A story for the Grandkids

8) What I would pay to have seen that

9) Give that girl a medal

10) Can this be real?

11) Here’s my own unbelievable true story – I outran a bear

The camp I was working at had received reports of a black bear sighting inside the campground a few nights earlier. Then very late one evening after returning from the nearby town, myself and my friend were walking back to camp in the pitch black when we heard the loudest thud from a tree no more than 3/4 meters from us. It unmistakenly sounded as if a large animal had fallen from it and then there was loud rustling.

It took us all of a split-second to decide to sprint the hell outta there. I’m glad we didn’t stick around to find out what definitely made that loud noise, but we feel pretty certain that it was a bear or some other large tree-climbing animal who decided that we weren’t worth the chase. Or as I like to put it cause it makes us sound impressive, we ‘outran it’.

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