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Top European destinations for a student budget

Travel can seem impossible on a smaller budget. However, with all the cheaper airfares and accommodation options now out there, you can visit Europe for a fraction of the price.

Top Tips!

Try Skyscanner for cheap flights and by packing light and just taking hand luggage you can also save on those unreasonable baggage fees.

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1) Czech Republic

The cultural history of the Czech Republic provides an exciting place for exploration. The capital, Prague, is home to the 9th Century Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square. Plus, there is also the Prague Zoo, the Lennon Wall and the Prague Beer Museum that is worth exploring.

However, if the tourism of Prague isn’t something that interests you, then why not look at smaller cities such as Český Krumlov. They provide the same opportunity to explore castles, museums, galleries and local breweries but in a quieter setting.

Places to visit: Prague, Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Brno

Currency: Czech Koruna

2) Poland

Poland’s lower prices have always been an attraction for British travellers on a budget. Especially for students since the food and alcohol is a lot cheaper!

Krakow’s Old Town holds sites such as Market Square, Planty Park and The Jewish Quarter which are perfect for every type of traveller.

For those interested in the cultural history of Poland, a visit to the memorial of Auschwitz-Birkenau (a former WWII concentration camp) is important when visiting the country and reflecting on the past.

Places to visit: Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk

Currency: Polish Zloty

3) Croatia

This destination is perfect for fans of Game of Thrones, Croatia is now known as home to many of the big up-and-coming popular holiday destinations.

Split, is the second largest city in Croatia and combines modern society with ancient history. In the day you can visit Diocletian’s Palace or Climb the Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral. In the evening, the Riva Promenade is a perfect place for food and drink.

Image: Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Places to visit: Split, Dubrovnik, Istria, Plitvice National Park

Currency: Croatian kuna

4) Germany

Germany’s capital city, Berlin, is known for its huge art scene and reminders of the important parts of 20th-century history (the Holocaust memorial and the remains of the Berlin wall).

As well as the historical remains of Berlin, the city is home to the Berlin zoo, Charlottenburg Palace, the East-Side-Gallery and the Reichstag Building.

Munich is also home to much of the cultural history of Germany, and if you are planning a later holiday, the world-famous Oktoberfest festival.

Places to visit: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich

Currency: Euro

5) Hungary

The capital city Budapest is made up of three unified cities and is considered to be among the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Must-see places include the Ruin Pubs, the Parliament Building, the Thermal Baths and Buda Castle.

If the busy nature of a capital city isn’t your thing, try towns such as Siofok located on the southern bank of Lake Balaton.

Places to visit: Budapest, Eger, Siofok

Currency: Hungarian Forint

So, where do you plan to visit this year?

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